Relate to Your Football Club’s Fans Like Family, Protect and Guide Them, You Will Earn Their Loyalty

Loyalty is nurtured it is not bestowed by nature. Even parents must earn it from their children.
I have come across many street children, sniffing glue in one corner, begging on the next traffic light and often in full flight having committed a felony. I often wonder, what went wrong? Where are the parents of these young souls? How did these children end up where they are now? Is it poverty that got them into this mess? An inner voice counsels me; poverty alone can not lead children this young to end up on the streets. If poverty was the issue, most of Africa would be on the streets!

If you sit down a street child, you will most likely discover dereliction of duty on part of the parents as the cause of their woes. Family relationships and loyalty irretrievably breaks down. The invisible cords that hold family together have been severed. The parents have neglected their role of caring, protecting, and guiding. The children end up on the street. No amount courting from the parent can bring this child back into the fold.

On the contrary parents who play their role of caring, guiding and ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ protecting, however poor they are, their families hold together. The children keep in there through happiness and pain. Loyalty is earned.

This is true with a football club that wants to get the most out of its fans. You must treat your fans like a working family. Put together projects that will keep you in the minds of the fans. Strive to have a database of all your fans and communicate with them regularly, on a one on one basis. That is, care, protect and guide them. If you do this you earn their loyalty and your fan base grows. Your fans become unpaid customer evangelists. Your stadiums will be full regardless your performance, because your fans are a family, not even pain will send them away, it actually pulls them together to help you pull through. They will buy into every preposition you put to them, because they are contributing to a cause to which they belong and believe in.

Supporting a football club is self inflicted pain. If you ignore your fans or you do not have structures to bring them into a family like relationship, you end up having something similar to a dysfunctional family that leads to a street kid kind of relationship discussed above. Your fans will know that you are there, but they do not give damn. They will be happy if you win, but that is as far as it will go. No amount of calling, enticing, nagging will make them change their ways.