Caralluma, Hoodia and Other Supplements – Still Suckers For Miracle Weight-Loss Pills and Potions

Several years ago (sometime in the mid 80s), a young lad trying to impress a girl made the mistake of joining her at a pool party armed only with a speedo-type bathing suit. Comments were made about the young man’s gut hanging over the top of it which caused the predictable emotional devastation and insecurity.

He took it upon himself to start dieting. Naturally, being young and foolish, his first stop was to the local drug store to purchase miracle pills that would melt away the fat and stop those nasty cravings for triple cheeseburgers washed down with chocolate milk shakes.

Of course these things didn’t work. In our sophisticated information age, we wonder how people ever thought they would have. But now we have our own shelves stocked with miracle wonders. Many of them are more or less natural (though once they’ve gone through distillation, and added to God knows how many chemicals, “natural” is a questionable claim) like hoodia or some derivative of caralluma (caralluma fimbriata apparently being the one that suppresses appetite). Still, are we looking for miracle cures – trying to “melt the fat away” with the mere popping of a pill?

Well, if you check out any health, wellness, or women’s Leanbean weight loss supplement for women web site or magazine, you’d almost have to determine that the answer is a resounding yes!

Millions of dollars (euros, etc.) are spent each year in an attempt to avoid the work of serious diet change and (some would say) the exercise necessary to reach a trim figure. And with so many methods out there (not to mention so many different metabolisms), odds are that a good number of them are patently ineffective.

Still, that’s going to mean that some are – at least to some degree. If you do your research, you’ll find that the degree of effectiveness of most diet supplements like caralluma or others depends a good bit of frame of mind. If you’re taking the latest remix of caralluma fimbriata because you’re lazy and think your cravings for cookies and cream ice cream will go away, you’re likely dreaming. But combine the supplement with a little will and determination, and you might see real results.

So yes, the diet miracle drug industry is alive and well with a whole slew of new supplements on which to spend your money. But some will work for you if you have enough determination and positive frame of mind to make it happen.