Bodybuilding Nutrition Program – 1 Secret Tip

One of the key elements of a proper bodybuilding nutrition program is to make sure that you eat frequently throughout the day.

A bodybuilding nutrition program should be based around a balanced meal specially designed for muscle building and eaten every 2-3 hours-this puts your body into an anabolic state and increases your fat burning metabolism while steadying your energy levels.

Maintaining this bodybuilding nutrition program is simple throughout the waking hours of the day… But how do you do it when you’re asleep?

Clock it like this: You eat the last meal of your daily bodybuilding nutrition program an hour before heading off to bed, then you sleep for 8 hours, and when you wake up, you eat breakfast about half an hour later.

You’re looking at a whopping 9.5 hours with no muscle building nutrition whatsoever!

If we place so much emphasis on a well-balanced bodybuilding nutrition program consisting of high quality, growth- supporting nutrients at frequent intervals during the day, why do we simply throw this logic out the window during the night?

At night, muscle recuperation and growth is at its peak, so isn’t it logical to make sure that your muscles get all of the protein, carbohydrates, and fats they require?

Why would you let your body suffer through a starved, catabolic period when it’s easy to continue your bodybuilding nutrition program at night?

Not everyone will do this, but if you want to accelerate your bodybuilding progress to top levels, consider eating a muscle building meal at the mid-point during your sleep.

Sure, it may seem a little extreme and you might think only best place to buy sarms uk obsessive lifters would take the step of incorporating their bodybuilding nutrition program into their sleep, but if you think about how simple it can really be, you might get onboard too.

Now first of all, this doesn’t have to be a regular solid-food bodybuilding meal that you might typically consume during the day. I’m not talking about waking up and sitting at the kitchen table to eat a plate of chicken and potatoes or a steak with rice.

This method will probably interfere with your sleep and it’s not a long-term approach that you can maintain as a part of your bodybuilding nutrition program.

Instead, this meal should be in liquid form so that you can wake up, chug it back very quickly and easily, and then head right back to bed.

Add 30-40 grams of protein powder (in the form of whey, egg or casein) to 1-2 cups of skim milk. In this way you can get an easy dose of high quality protein without losing out on a lot of sleep due to chewing times or meal preparations.

You can also mix in a tablespoon of a healthy unsaturated oil source, such as flaxseed oil or extra virgin